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Dr. Travis McCoy Discusses Male Infertility

Dr. Travis W. McCoy, MD Director of Male Infertility Director of Surgery What is male infertility? Male infertility implies that there is a problem with the sperm to adequately fertilize eggs. It is involved in approximately 45-50% of the patients having some component of a male factor. Approximately one in eight men will have significant sperm issues. One in two…

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PREG Designated a Center of Excellence (COE) network

GREENVILLE, COLUMBIA AND MT. PLEASANT, SOUTH CAROLINA- Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group (PREG) has received the Center of Excellence designation from the Clinical Sciences Institute of the Optum Fertility Solution Centers of Excellence network. Since 1986 Optum has been a leading developer of condition management programs seeking to identify complex medication conditions with quantifiable variance across treatment providers. Optum’s COE networks…

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ICSI and other advances in the Embryology Lab

The Doctor Is In! Q & A with Dr. John Frederick Payne, MD Reproductive Endocrinologist & PREG Partner ICSI and other advances in the Embryology Lab How Does the Embryology Lab Work in Fertility Treatment? Obviously, before we get to the lab and they do their part we have to do the in-vitro fertilization or embryo transfer so that we…

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The Doctor Is In! Self-care & COVID-19 During Fertility Treatment

cdc virus

The Doctor Is In! Welcome to our blog with PREG physicians discussing a wide range of topics related to fertility treatment and care. Dr. Karenne Fru, MD, PhD Reproductive Endocrinologist Addresses Self-care and COVID-19 during fertility treatment Dr. Fru, what is self-care and why is it so important during treatment? There are so many moving pieces related to fertility treatment.…

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We Have Some Exciting News to Share. . . Our Family is Growing!

IVF Center Charleston SC PREG

We have some exciting news to share…our family is growing! On July 22nd, 2020, we’ll begin welcoming patients at our new comprehensive fertility and IVF center in the Lowcountry. Since 2013, Dr. Stephanie Singleton and her team at the Fertility Center of Charleston have provided patients an opportunity for compassionate and individualized care in the Lowcountry. Dr. Singleton will return…

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The Doctor Is In! – Get to know our newest physician, Dr. Lisa Cookingham PREG/Columbia

Lisa Marii Cookingham, M.D. Reproductive Endocrinologist Tell us About Yourself I grew up in a military family and the majority of my childhood years were spent living around the country and also overseas. Before practicing medicine, I was in the fine arts industry appearing in theatre and stage work in Chicago, NY, Boston, etc. In 1999, I moved to Phoenix,…

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The Doctor Is In! Q & A with Dr. John Frederick Payne, MD

Q & A with Dr. John Frederick Payne, MD Reproductive Endocrinologist & PREG Partner Aggressive Treatment & Financial Aspects On Infertility Awareness When is a patient diagnosed with having fertility issues? The percentage of couples that would be considered infertile is roughly one in seven of fertility age or 12-14% of the population. Couples would be given a diagnosis after…

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The Doctor Is In! The PREG Doctors answer questions related to infertility

The PREG Doctors answer questions related to infertility: Dr. John E. Nichols, Jr., MD Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist PREG Founder Medical & Laboratory Director   Dr. Nichols answers questions about Da Vinci Robotic surgery   What are the advantages of using the Davinci robot for surgical cases? What has happened in surgery over the last 40 years is incredible!…

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HSG Testing

doctor mccoy

The Doctor Is In! Welcome to a new feature from PREG where our doctors weigh in on a variety of fertility-related issues designed just for you! Dr. Travis McCoy, MD Reproductive Endocrinologist Advanced Gynecologic Surgery Answers questions about HSG Testing Dr. McCoy, what is HSG testing and why is it necessary? An HSG is an x-ray dye test that lets…

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