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HSG Testing

doctor mccoy

The Doctor Is In! Welcome to a new feature from PREG where our doctors weigh in on a variety of fertility-related issues designed just for you! Dr. Travis McCoy, MD Reproductive Endocrinologist Advanced Gynecologic Surgery Answers questions about HSG Testing Dr. McCoy, what is HSG testing and why is it necessary? An HSG is an x-ray dye test that lets…

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What else can I be doing to improve my chances of getting pregnant?

One of the most common questions patients ask us is, “What else can I be doing to improve my chances of getting pregnant?” Keep in mind, this question is coming from a patient population who are taking fertility medications, giving themselves injections, having their blood drawn, undergoing vaginal ultrasound exams, enduring uncomfortable medical procedures and surgeries, and discussing details of…

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Choosing the Right Doctor

Finding the right physician under any circumstance can be a difficult and frustrating venture. For individuals specifically needing help with fertility, there are many complicated medical decisions on top of what seems like endless amounts of information. Therefore, finding the right physician is extremely important. The main question for most patients is, “how do I choose a reproductive endocrinologist?” At…

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What role does the financial staff play when it comes to patient care?

Financial Counselors at PREG are more than just staff members who speak to patients about financial options. They’re also great listeners! They understand the physical, emotional, and financial stress infertility causes our patients, and some have even gone through treatment themselves. Our Financial Counselors are very engaged in our patients’ plan of care. When a new patient calls to schedule…

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Why Starbucks covers pricey IVF for even its part-time baristas

September 5, 2017, 7:41 AM – For some couples, finding a job that offers benefits to cover infertility treatments could be the difference between having kids and not. You might expect a tech company or big bank to offer coverage for treatments like in vitro fertilization, but Starbucks also offers the perk even for part-time baristas. Anna Werner reports. View…

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