Laboratory Director

A successful IVF program isn’t possible without a highly trained team of clinical embryologists, and leading our network of three IVF centers in South Carolina is Rodney Wade, our IVF Laboratory Director, whose experience in the field is matched by only a few, worldwide.

Integral in establishing the 5th IVF program in the U.S. in 1982, Rodney and his team were responsible for the first IVF pregnancy in the state of New York. Closer to home and under Rodney’s direction, the first pregnancies in South Carolina resulting from the use of frozen eggs were achieved.

Experience matters, and, when asked about awards and acknowledgements, Rodney will respond, “a few.” He is much prouder of his actual accomplishments and years of proven success, as all labs under his direction since the early 80s have been in the top 5-10% in the country in terms of IVF success rates, and we’re thrilled that he has returned to the state to join us at PREG.