Today, for a number of reasons, people are waiting longer than ever to pursue having children. Our current society encourages people to focus on their education and careers, sometimes overlooking the significance of timing and our biological clock. Fertility rates are 25-30% each month for women in their late teens to late-twenties. However, by the age of 35, a woman’s chances of pregnancy are reduced by approximately one half to 15% each month. By age 40, the likelihood of achieving a pregnancy is only 5-10% each month and by age 43, the likelihood of pregnancy is less than 5% each month.

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Now thanks to exciting advances in science and technology, cryopreservation or the freezing of a woman’s eggs is now available to help preserve fertility. This type of procedure was considered experimental until recently and now has been approved by The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) as a standardized treatment of care to preserve fertility for women who have delayed having children or for newly diagnosed cancer patients. For those patients who are planning to undergo surgery and/or chemotherapy, they now have the option to have a family of their own in the future.

Drs. John E. Nichols and John F. Payne have always been on the forefront of advances in reproductive sciences. Their expertise now allows our patients to experience the fertility of younger women well past their stated age. In other words, if a woman freezes her eggs at the age of 35, she will have the same fertility outcome as a 35 year old, even if she delays having children until her 40’s.

The process will begin with a consultation with one of our fertility experts, followed by pre-screening and diagnostic testing. Once the labs and necessary testing are completed, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled to form an individualized treatment plan. Our IVF nurses will contact you to schedule an orientation appointment to review your stimulation protocol and provide teaching for administration of fertility medications. You will be required to have approximately 4 to 6 early morning appointments for ultrasounds and lab work over a two week period as part of your monitoring cycle. After all of your monitoring is complete and the determination has been made to proceed with a retrieval of oocytes (eggs), an appointment will be scheduled where light anesthesia will be administered to retrieve your eggs. The eggs will then be cryopreserved in our specialized IVF lab and stored for future use.

The cost for this procedure is $6500.00 which includes the first year of cryopreservation but does not include the required pre-screening labs, diagnostic testing, fertility medications or additional years of cryopreservation storage. There will be additional costs when you are ready to thaw your eggs in an attempt to conceive. Some of the diagnostic work-up may be covered by your insurance carrier. Please contact one of our financial counselors for more information on your fertility benefits and financing options.

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