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Gonadotropins (Repronex, Pergonal, Humegon, Bravelle, Gonal-F, Follistim): injectable fertility medications that can be given either intramuscular (IM) or subcutaneously (SQ, under the skin). These are very potent medications that contain FSH (and some with LH) which act directly on the ovaries to cause growth and development of ovarian follicles.

Gonadotropins are usually given as daily injections for 7 to 10 days as part of a Stimulated Ovulation Induction Protocol or for an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle. Generally, 2 to 4 or more ampules of gonadotropins are used daily in either a single or twice daily injection. Occasionally, gonadotropins are given in combination with Clomiphene or Letrozole (Minimal Stimulation Protocol). Since these are very powerful fertility medications, ultrasound monitoring and blood testing is needed while taking these shots. The different types of gonadotropins are based on their composition and how they are processed:

  • Repronex, Pergonal, Humegon: Contain both FSH and LH in equal amounts and are derived from human urinary products. These are generally given as IM injections. Costs; $35-$50 per ampule.
  • Bravelle: Contains mostly FSH with a little LH and is also derived from human urinary products. Can be given as a SQ injection. Costs; $40-$50 per ampule.
  • Gonal-F, Follistim: Contains pure FSH only and are derived from recombinant DNA technology and are given as a SQ shot.Our staff will be available to teach you, your partner or designated person to prepare and administer the medications (gonadotropins, hCG, etc.) given by injection. Since many of these medication shots are given at night it is strongly recommended that you learn to self -administer or have your partner give you the injections.

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