Meet your Team

from our family to yours


We’re a family, both at home and at work, of doctors, nurses, scientists, technicians, and administrators, all dedicated to helping you realize your dream of family. We’re here to educate, encourage, and empower you in your fertility journey and will celebrate your success and guide you through the obstacles and opportunities.

Our six fellowship-trained reproductive endocrinologists inject a wealth of experience and enthusiasm into our practice and, together, we’re proud to represent the largest network of fertility centers in the Carolinas. Helping you expand your family isn’t just what we love to do, it’s part of who we are.


Each of our six fellowship-trained reproductive endocrinologists and infertility specialists went into this field for reasons they still hold dear. Very much part of a larger team, their role is to spend as much time as is necessary during each and every encounter to ensure that you remain confident, aware, and optimistic as you pursue the treatment approach just right for you. Our physicians understand that individualism demands options and strive to ensure that your experience at PREG is as informative and reassuring as it is empowering.

Haley Pollack, WHNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner

Jennifer Trimble MS, PA-C

Physicians Assistant


If IVF becomes part of your treatment plan, you’ll soon come to know our IVF coordinators quite well. All are highly experienced and will become your advocate, your go-to, and your confidant, all while working hand-in-hand with your physician as they guide you through the IVF process. Your relationship will become a truly valued and long-lasting one.

Lindsay Polowczuk, MSN WHNP


Mikayla Carver, RN, BSN


Katelyn Jackson, RN, BSN

IVF Coordinator – Columbia

Heather Worthy, RN

IVF Coordinator - Columbia

Lynne Parks, RN, BSN

IVF Coordinator – Greenville

Meagan Vanzant, RN, BSN

IVF Coordinator - Greenville

Sara Boyd, WHNP-BC

Third Party ART Coordinator – Lowcountry

Crystal Brown, RN, ADN

IVF Coordinator – Lowcountry

Courtney Cutler, ADN

SART Coordinator – Lowcountry

Katie Walker, RN, BSN

IVF Coordinator – Lowcountry

Stephanie Biggerstaff, RN, ADN



A team of extraordinarily caring and highly trained individuals who run on a seemingly endless supply of energy and enthusiasm comprise the nursing staff at PREG. Our group is purposefully large to ensure that time is never short when you need them. Whether it’s returning your call or email in a timely manner, making sure you understand every detail about your treatment plan, or providing support and insight when you need to talk, they’ll always be here for you, every step of the way.

Hillary Alexander, RN

Fertility Nurse - Asheville

Grace Elledge, RN, BSN

Fertility NURSE - Asheville

Chandler Tinsley, RN, BSN

Fertility NURSE - Asheville

Wynni Welter, RN

Fertility NURSE - Asheville

Debra Harrison, CNA

Clinical Assistant - Asheville

Erica Gonzalez, RN, BSN

Fertility Nurse - Columbia

Ally Lester, RN, BSN

Fertility Nurse - Columbia

Michaella O'Brien, RN, BSN

Fertility Nurse - Columbia

Zuleima Perez, CMA, RST

Clinical Assistant - Columbia

Hannah Sanders, RN, BSN

Fertility NURSE - Columbia

AnnMarie Chmielewski, RN, BSN


Kellie Jo Cunningham, RN, MSN

Fertility Nurse - Greenville

Shannon Goodrich, RN, BSN

Fertility Nurse - Greenville

Monte-Anne Hill, RN, BSN

Fertility Nurse - Greenville

Kristina Kryak, RN, BSN

Fertility Nurse - Greenville

Ariel Norton, RN, BSN

Fertility Nurse - Greenville

Lauren Smythe, RN, BSN


Mary Ball, CST/CMA

Surgical and Clinical Assistant – Lowcountry

Jennifer Courtemanche, CMA

Clinical Assistant - Lowcountry

Gabby Stapf, RN, BSN

Fertility Nurse - Lowcountry

Kelsey Forbes, RN, BSN

Fertility Nurse - Spartanburg

Lauren Mulitauaopele, RN

Fertility NURSE - Spartanburg

Ashley Wright, RN

Fertility Nurse - Spartanburg


A successful IVF program isn’t possible without a highly trained team of clinical embryologists. Our embryologists understand that their work is crucial and are focused, committed, and enthusiastic, each and every day.

Jing Chen, PhD, HCLD/ELD

Lab Director, Embryologist - Columbia

Mathew Darmer, BS

Embryologist – Columbia

Sarah Hodge, MS

Embryologist – Columbia

Julia Butler, MS

Embryologist - Greenville

Emily Payne, BS

Embryologist - Greenville

Heather Stowe, Ph.D

Embryologist – Greenville

Kinana McDaniel, MS

Embryologist – LOWCOUntry

Staci Wyatt

Embryologist – LOWCOUntry

McKenna Dyer, MS

Embryologist – LOWCOUntry


These individuals are responsible for making sure that your lab results are processed efficiently, always with precision and accuracy, for they are the basis of much of the day-to-day decision-making during treatment. Our andrologists perform high-complexity semen analysis on-site and prepare specimens for both intrauterine insemination and IVF. They are critical members of our team whom both you and your partner will have much interaction with.

Adrianne Dodson, MLT

Medical Lab Technologist – Asheville

Mashunda Hagood, BS

Medical Lab Technologist – Columbia

Abigail Williamson, MS

Andrologist – Columbia

Amanda LaFleur, BA

Andrologist – Greenville

Amanda Lee, MLT (ASCP) CM

Medical Lab Technologist – Greenville

Meredith Scherer, MLT (ASCP) CM

Medical Lab Technologist – Greenville

Kristin Dounian

Medical Lab Technologist - Lowcountry

Alyssa Jackson, MLT

Medical Lab Technologist - Spartanburg

Meghan Parris, BS, MLS

Medical Laboratory Scientist-Spartanburg


Faith Ripley oversees strategic planning and all operations at PREG. She is well-known in the field and we are incredibly fortunate to have her, for the degree of exceptionalism demanded in all aspects at PREG would be difficult to achieve without Faith. She has assembled a superb team of supervisors who manage the day-to-day operations at each of our locations, ensuring that both the patient experience and standards we’ve all come to expect at PREG are consistent throughout our network of fertility centers.

Faith Ripley, BS, CPC

Chief Executive Officer

Sandy Webb

Practice Supervisor - Asheville & Greenville

Sabrina Harris

Practice Supervisor – Columbia

Sarah Parker, CPA

Financial Coordinator - Greenville

Christa Bogan-Richards

Practice Supervisor – Lowcountry

Chris Harris

Practice Supervisor- Spartanburg


We understand that financial matters may seem daunting when it comes to fertility treatment. Our team of financial counselors are highly experienced, committed, and here to ensure that you feel fully informed every step of the way. No question is too small, and they’re always available when they arise. Apart from their role as educators in this regard, they’re also advocates on your behalf when it comes to interfacing with your insurance company and applying for financial assistance programs.

Holly Montjoy

Financial Counselor - Columbia

Tamara Welborn

Financial Counselor - Columbia

Stephanie Martin

Financial Counselor - Greenville

Sharon Merck

Financial Counselor - Greenville

Cheryl Peters

Financial Counselor – Lowcountry


While you’ll come to recognize several of their smiling faces as soon as you enter our doors, many work behind the scenes to ensure your experience at PREG is always smooth and efficient. Whether it’s sending records to your obstetrician in a timely manner once you’ve graduated from PREG, answering questions about your account, or scheduling appointments with your convenience in mind, we’re proud of how they represent PREG and our practice wouldn’t run the way it must without them.

Joe Crowley II

Human Resource Specialist

Haley Green, BA

Practice Development Specialist/Social Media Strategist

Julie Medley

Liaison & Practice Development Specialist

Laurie Hix

Patient Account Specialist & Financial Counselor - Asheville

Elisabeth Long

Patient Account Specialist - Asheville

Donna Rogers

Patient Account Specialist – Asheville

Kim Turner

Administrative Assistant – Asheville

Brittnee Frierson, MBA

Surgery Scheduler - Columbia

Kimberly Rowe

Patient Account Specialist – Columbia

Kristin Gilpatrick

Administrative Assistant – Columbia

Debra Von Berg

Administrative Assistant – Greenville

Mandi Henderson

Administrative Assistant - Greenville

Eve Marcus

Patient Account Representative

Leslie Kiser

Administrative Assistant - lowcountry

Quinn Davis

Patient Account Specialist - lowcountry

Amanda Coker

administrative ASSISTANT - Spartanburg

Caroline Dover

Patient Account Specialist - Spartanburg

Stacy McCravy

Patient Account Specialist - Spartanburg

Stephanie Madden