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The likelihood of fertility treatment success is an important consideration influenced by multiple interrelated factors. Key among them are the age and ovarian reserve status of the female partner undergoing treatment, prior reproductive and fertility treatment history, and chosen treatment approach. Every case is unique, and it’s our job to explain and ensure understanding of your individualized chance of success prior to moving forward with fertility treatment.

IVF Success Rates

We’re proud that we’ve been able to maintain a consistent level of excellence when it comes to IVF, and our most recent success rates may be found at

Properly understanding this information, and that which you may have come across elsewhere, can be complex and both it and your individualized chance of success with IVF is a discussion you should only have with your physician.

PREG is proud to partner with Univfy® for providing you the most individualized counseling possible regarding your chance of success with IVF. Utilizing predictive technology developed by researchers at Stanford University, Univfy® employs a rigorously validated algorithm to develop a customized IVF prediction model just for you, the Univfy® PreIVF Report, which takes into account multiple factors in your fertility profile, including age, test results, prior reproductive history, and others.

We’ll generate your PreIVF Report without additional charge following completion of your initial evaluation so it will be available for discussion with your physician during your subsequent follow-up appointment when treatment options will be reviewed. Your report will also help to determine if you’re a candidate for our IVF refund program. We believe in individualism, options, and accurate counseling, and invite you to learn more at PREG.

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