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Previous Unsuccessful Cycles

In-Vetro Fertilization

Previous Uncessful Cycles

What can I do if I’ve Already Gone Through IVF & it Wasn’t Successful?

The fertility experts at PREG have helped thousands of couples achieve their dream of having a family. Many of our patients have undergone IVF unsuccessfully at other practices. That’s why we offer a Free Second Opinion Appointment. Our doctors will meet with you and review your medical records before ordering additional testing and making a comprehensive treatment plan.

PREG routinely uses individualized medication protocols and the most up-to- date procedures to overcome issues that may have resulted in an unsuccessful cycle. Some of the procedures used include:

  • ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injection is used for patients with male factor issues.
  • Assisted hatching of embryos to increase the likelihood of implantation inside the uterus.
  • Preimplantation Genetic Screening or Diagnosis to evaluate the embryo for genetic abnormalities
  • Donor egg, embryo adoption, gestational surrogates and donor sperm cycles are also available for women and couples in need of third party reproduction

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