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Sex: When too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing.

This may be hard to believe, but too much sex is not always a good thing! One would think that couples should have sex as much as possible get pregnant, right? Well, sex every day is not the answer, and all that fun may be hurting your chances of conceiving.

So much of the dialogue in infertility is focused on the woman. But let’s talk about the man’s job for a moment. When couples have sexual intercourse everyday day, or every other day, it can decrease the man’s sperm count. A man who masturbates or has sexual intercourse at every day will have sperm counts that are consistently lower than a man who does not ejaculate daily. The more sperm, the better chance of fertilization… and that’s what we need.

So, the swimmers need time to build up, and ejaculating too often does not allow them to replenish. In order to keep counts higher, men need to give their sperm time to accumulate. When the male allows the sperm to build up, rather than constantly depleting the stored semen, increased fertility can result. That’s the goal, right?

To further increase your odds, it is not recommended to go more than 5 days without an ejaculation. When the sperm stay in the testicles for more than a week, they can die and motility can decrease. To achieve the best sperm counts and motility percentages, an abstinence period of 2-3 days is optimal.

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