INVOcell has become the first FDA cleared Intravaginal Culture (IVC) device. INVOcell uses the woman’s body as a natural incubator rather than an IVF laboratory. It is a small, polystyrene capsule that is used for egg fertilization and embryo development through vaginal incubation. The primary advantage of INVOcell is utilizing the women’s vagina as the main source of incubation. Once the eggs are retrieved and the sperm collected, they are immediately placed inside the INVOcell device with culture media. The INVOcell device is then inserted into the woman’s vaginal cavity where incubation of potential embryo(s) can occur. After several days, the INVOcell device will be removed, and any embryo(s) developed will be selected and immediately transferred back into the body for further development and implantation.

A benefit to the INVOcell method is that it is a simpler procedure. When the INVOcell is used in combination with minimal IVF stimulation, it can significantly reduce the cost of an IVF cycle. Talk with your PREG doctor to determine if this method is the right option for you.

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