The Simply IVF Method

Throughout history, many breakthroughs in fertility have come to light. Our newest development is Simply IVF. It's a simple, yet personal, approach to the journey of parenthood. Simply IVF is a tremendous advancement in treatment with multiple benefits to patients. This treatment allows our fertility specialists to offer In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) at almost half the cost as the traditional IVF path. The process itself promotes a beautiful involvement between couples in the treatment and process of conception. Not to mention this can cause more of a natural and stable environment than traditional IVF. Our desire is for Simply IVF to be more convenient, affordable, and personal as we travel the path of parenthood with you.

The INVO Solution

So, what is INVOcell? This amazing new device now eliminates the demand for the laboratory. Life is now created in a more natural environment, and the process is more intimate.

INVOcell provides individuals who are struggling with infertility a possibility to access a FDA approved process. This process offers another viable option to its traditional predecessors such as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

This INVO procedure has been proven to have pregnancy success rates comparable to other aided reproductive techniques such as IVF and much higher success rates than IUI. The benefits, physiologically speaking, of the potential mother’s participation in fertilization and early embryo development through vaginal incubation are unparalleled to traditional IVF treatment. All in all, this new technique truly offers patients a more natural and tailored way to achieve pregnancy.

A Simpler Way to Life

A woman’s body was designed to nurture life and to carry it until the time of birth. The INVOcell uses the woman’s body as the natural incubator and laboratory, and the INVOcell has become the first FDA cleared Intravaginal Culture (IVC) device. It is a small polystyrene capsule which is used for egg fertilization and embryo development through vaginal incubation.

Although the advantages of INVOcell are numerous, the primary advantage of INVOcell is utilizing the women’s vagina as the main source of incubation. Those who participate in the treatment often feel more directly involved in the birth of their child

Also of note in the INVO Procedure is a simpler technique than previous Vitro Fertilization where the patient undergoes mild ovarian stimulation. Once the eggs are retrieved and the sperm are collected and prepared, they are immediately placed inside the INVOcell device with culture media. The INVOcell device is then inserted into the woman’s vaginal cavity where the eggs will be incubated using the patient’s body. After several days, the INVOcell device will be removed, the embryos observed, selected, and immediately transferred back to her body for further development, implantation, and observation.

Advantages of IVF

Access to treatment is often not readily available for those who are struggling through the pains of infertility. Frustrations include financial challenges, limited availability of specialized medical care, religious, social, and cultural barriers. Any one of these can prevent expectant couples from fulfilling their desire to have a baby. Now with the Simply IVF, more and more patients can now receive safe, effective, and affordable infertility treatment.

Benefits of the INVO Solution include:
  • A simpler procedure. When the INVO Procedure is used in combination with mild stimulation, it can reduce the cost per cycle by approximately one half compared to traditional IVF.
  • It promotes greater participation by couples in the treatment and formation of their embryos.
  • It creates a more natural and stable incubation than previous methods of IVF in a laboratory.

Simply IVF is a new Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatment that allows our fertility specialists to provide In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) at approximately half the cost of traditional IVF with similar pregnancy rates.

Many of the office visits, ultrasounds, lab work, and expensive procedures normally done inside the IVF lab can be bypassed by using a milder ovarian stimulation protocol and performing Simply IVF using the INVO cell device. Therefore, Simply IVF can become a more suitable and affordable family building.