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A Path to Motherhood

When my husband and I started trying for a baby we were young, healthy and hopeful. Everybody in my family got pregnant. Nobody ever seemed to have trouble. I would be a mama before I knew it. We tried for a year before getting our first positive pregnancy test- on my birthday too! We told everybody. Parents, siblings, friends, stranger in the store. We were just so happy. Until Christmas Day 2001 when I woke up bleeding. The day was spent at the hospital for them to confirm what I already knew- I had had a miscarriage. Don’t worry, it’ll happen again. I heard that statement every time I turned around. Nobody seemed to understand how depressed I was, how this had rocked my world, how it had broke my heart.

But we kept trying. And one month turned to a year, and a year turned to two. I finally went to my OB/GYN and he put me on Clomid and sent me home with high hopes again. Cycle one, failed. Cycle two, failed. Cycle three and four, failed. They ran tests. They looked at my husband. They finally told me there was nothing else for them to do. So after another year, I found PREG. Scared out of my mind, we drove the three hours to see them. And again they filled me with hope. We started with our first IUI. Then our second, then third and forth. Nothing. Unexplained Infertility. No idea why I couldn’t get pregnant. Other heartbreak. Other break from trying.

Two years later we returned to PREG with IVF on our minds. Again, we were hopeful. We went through the IVF class where my husband learned how to give me shots. Where we learned everything we needed to know. IVF- here we come. It wasn’t easy. The shots hurt. The medications made me sick. But in the end, it was worth every poke, every morning of waking up at 4am to make the three hour trip. In the end, I got a positive blood test. In the end, our first IVF worked. I was going to be a MOM!

In January 2008, my son was born… 8 long years after my husband and I first began trying for a baby. I wouldn’t wish the road we walked on anybody. But we made it through it. With PREG’s help, and God’s blessings, we had a baby. And I’m thankful for him every day of my life.