Dr. Fru & Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Diagnosis & Treatment

The Doctor Is In! Dr. Karenne Fru talks about recurrent pregnancy loss diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Karenne Fru, MD, PhDReproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Fru, for those who aren’t familiar please explain a diagnosis of recurrent pregnancy loss. As it is implied in the title this means someone who has suffered more than one loss. The number at which that would typically…

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Dr. Travis McCoy Discusses The Effects of Testosterone Supplements on Sperm

Dr. Travis McCoy, MD Reproductive Endocrinologist Director of Male Fertility Advanced Gynecologic Surgery Dr. McCoy, explain testosterone in men? The testicles make two things, testosterone, and sperm. And the production of these is regulated by the brain signals that go to the testicles and then the testosterone signals go back to the brain. So it regulates much like cruise control…

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Women & Couples of Color in Regard to Infertility

The Doctor Is In! Dr. Karenne Fru, MD, PhD Reproductive Endocrinologist Answers questions about women and couples of color in regard to infertility Dr. Fru what is Fertility for Colored Girls (FFCG) Fertility For Colored Girls is a national support group that was established by Rev. Dr. Stacey Edwards Dunn to provide a way for women of color to meet…

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Reproductive Options for Single Men & Those in Same-Sex Relationships

Dr. Edward Tarnawa, Medical Director of PREG’s Columbia and Lowcountry Centers, discusses reproductive options for single men and those in same-sex relationships. Dr. Tarnawa, please share some of your thoughts. This is a really important focus at PREG, and we’re passionate about it. These patients represent an underserved population when it comes to fertility services, and one of our goals…

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Low-Cost, High-Volume IVF Clinic VS. PREG

Dr. John E. Nichols, Jr., MD Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist PREG Founder Medical & Laboratory Director discusses low-cost, high-volume IVF clinic v.s. PREG Dr. Nichols, Why Low-Cost IVF isn’t always the best option? IVF is the most effective, efficient treatment to achieve a pregnancy in any fertility center, but there are some costs that go along with the highly…

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We Have Some Exciting News to Share. . . Our Family is Growing!

IVF Center Charleston SC PREG

We have some exciting news to share…our family is growing! On July 22nd, 2020, we’ll begin welcoming patients at our new comprehensive fertility and IVF center in the Lowcountry. Since 2013, Dr. Stephanie Singleton and her team at the Fertility Center of Charleston have provided patients an opportunity for compassionate and individualized care in the Lowcountry. Dr. Singleton will return…

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HSG Testing

doctor mccoy

The Doctor Is In! Welcome to a new feature from PREG where our doctors weigh in on a variety of fertility-related issues designed just for you! Dr. Travis McCoy, MD Reproductive Endocrinologist Advanced Gynecologic Surgery Answers questions about HSG Testing Dr. McCoy, what is HSG testing and why is it necessary? An HSG is an x-ray dye test that lets…

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Why the independent clinic model isn’t disappearing…yet

With private-equity backed centers and large fertility networks dominating the fertility world today, is there still space for the independent clinic? On this episode of the Inside Reproductive Health Podcast, I talked to Dr. John Nichols of Piedmont Reproductive Endocrinology Group in Greenville, South Carolina. Dr. Nichols began his career in academic medicine, but left after six years to start…

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