Dr. Travis McCoy Discusses The Effects of Testosterone Supplements on Sperm

Dr. Travis McCoy, MD Reproductive Endocrinologist Director of Male Fertility Advanced Gynecologic Surgery Dr. McCoy, explain testosterone in men? The testicles make two things, testosterone, and sperm. And the production of these is regulated by the brain signals that go to the testicles and then the testosterone signals go back to the brain. So it regulates much like cruise control…

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Dr. Travis McCoy Discusses PCOS & Obesity in Infertility Treatment

Dr. Travis McCoy, MD Reproductive Endocrinologist Advanced Gynecologic Surgery What Is PCOS? PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is the most common female disorder, and it affects 15-27% of women. It is classified as a disorder as not regularly ovulating and overproducing the male hormones. The primary issue is the brain signal from the pituitary to the ovaries creates inconsistent ovulation.…

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Important Information Regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Payne has been closely monitoring the pandemic and all relevant guidelines from the CDC to keep our patients and staff safe. He asked for this information recently released by ASRM and other organizations to be shared with everyone. Please visit:

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