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Male Infertility

Dr. Travis McCoy Discusses The Effects of Testosterone Supplements on Sperm

Dr. Travis McCoy, MD Reproductive Endocrinologist Director of Male Fertility Advanced Gynecologic Surgery Dr. McCoy, explain testosterone in men? The testicles make two things, testosterone, and sperm. And the production of these is regulated by the brain signals that go to the testicles and then the testosterone signals go back to the brain. So it regulates much like cruise control…

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Donor Inseminations

Nurse Practitioner and Director of Nursing Tori Bishop Discusses Donor Inseminations Tori, how long have you been with PREG? I’ve been with PREG since 2015, but I’ve been in healthcare since 2000. PREG is absolutely the best place I’ve worked because every day I get to go to work and be part of miracle-making. It may sound obvious but what…

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Dr. Travis McCoy Discusses Male Infertility

Dr. Travis W. McCoy, MD Director of Male Infertility Director of Surgery What is male infertility? Male infertility implies that there is a problem with the sperm to adequately fertilize eggs. It is involved in approximately 45-50% of the patients having some component of a male factor. Approximately one in eight men will have significant sperm issues. One in two…

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ICSI and other advances in the Embryology Lab

The Doctor Is In! Q & A with Dr. John Frederick Payne, MD Reproductive Endocrinologist & PREG Partner ICSI and other advances in the Embryology Lab How Does the Embryology Lab Work in Fertility Treatment? Obviously, before we get to the lab and they do their part we have to do the in-vitro fertilization or embryo transfer so that we…

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